quinta-feira, maio 04, 2006


Step 1: find your nut
Of course the first phase is finding your nut. Once you have found, you must learn to love it. LOVE IT!

Step 2: don't EVER let go!
Now that you have your nut, you will begin to realize the perils of the world that could cause you to loose your nut. You must never let go! The nut is your life.

Step 3: catastrophe
No matter what you do, something probably will go wrong.

Step 4: survival
Despite disaster, you have survived. Months have passed... your friends have moved on with their lives. But, it's a beautiful day and you're still alive... just don't forget to hang on to the nut!

Step 5: beginning... yes, beginning
It's true. Most people actually do... So celebrate.


Blogger Eraserhead said...

hum! é so para dar um olá e mais uma bolotinha :)

passa pelo meu blog



e já agora pelo site do nosso nucleo de cinema e video de lagos



9/6/06 19:38  

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