segunda-feira, abril 10, 2006

Before Sunset Script

Do you consider the book to be autobiographical?
Well, I mean, is anything autobiographical?

We all see the world through our own tiny keyhole, right?
I mean, I always think of Thomas Wolfe, you know, if you ever seen that little one page note to reader in the front of "Look Homeward, Angel", you know what I'm talking about?
Anyway, he says that we are the sum of all the moments of our lives, and that anybody who sits down to write is gonna use the clay of their own mind, that you can't avoid that.
So when I look at my own life, you know, I have to admit, right... that I've... I've never been around a bunch of guns, or violence. You know, not really. No political intrigue or... helicopter crash, right?
But my life, from my own point of view, has been full of drama, right? And, so, I thought that if I could write a book that... that could capture what it's like to really meet somebody. I mean the most exciting thing that's ever happened to me is to really meet somebody, make that connection, and if I could... make that valuable, you know, to capture that... that would be the attempt or... Did I answer your question?

I'll try to be more specific... Were there ever a French young woman on the train you met, and... Spent an evening with?

See, to me, that... that's not important, you know?

So that's a "yes".

All right, since I'm in France and this is last stop in my book tour, "yes".

Mr. Wallace, the book ends on an ambiguous note.
We don't know! Do you think they get back together in six months, like they promise each other?

Like they promised, uh... I think I answered that. You know, it's... It's a good test. Right? If you're a romantic or a cynic.
I mean, you think... you think they get back together, you don't, for sure, and you hope they do, but, you know, you’re not sure so you're asking the question.
And... do you think they get back together? I mean, did you, in real life? Did I real...
Look, see, in the words of my grandfather, ok... to answer that, would take the piss out of the whole thing.

Oh, no... We just have the time for one last question.
What is your next book?

I don't know, man, I don't know... I've been... I've been thinking about this...
Well, I always kind of wanted to write a book that all took place within the space of a pop song, you know, like 3 or 4 minutes long.
The story, the idea is that... there's this guy. And... he's totally depressed!
I mean, his great dream was to be a lover, an adventurer, you know, riding motorcycles through South America, and instead he's sitting at a marble table, eating lobster, and he's got a good job and a beautiful wife, right.
You know, everything that he needs. But that doesn't matter, 'cause what he wants is to fight for meaning.
You know, happiness is in the doing, not in the... getting what you want.
So, he's sitting there, and just at a second, his little five year old daughter hops up on the table. And he knows that she should get down ‘cause she could get hurt, but she's dancing to this pop song, in a summer dress. And he looks down, and all of a sudden, he is sixteen. And... his high school sweetheart is dropping him off, at home. And they've just lost their virginity, and she loves him, and the same song is playing on the car radio, and she climbs up and starts dancing on the roof of the car. And now, now he's worried about her! And she is beautiful, with a... a facial expression just like his daughters'.
In fact, you know, maybe that's why he even likes her. You see, he knows he's not remembering this dance, he's there. He's there in both moments simultaneously. And just like for an instance, all his life is just folding into itself Sunset and it's obvious to him that time is a lie... that's it's all happening all the time and inside every moment is another moment, all... You know, happening simultaneously.
And, anyway, that's kind of the idea... anyway.

Well, our author has to be going to the airport soon, so he'll thank you all very much for coming here this afternoon. And a special thanks to Mr. Wallace for being with us. We hope to see you again here on your next book!
Merci a toutes et a tous qu'être venus. Comme vous voyez y a du champagne, y a des petites choses, donc servez vous.
Thank you all.

How much longer before I have to go to the airport?

Oh, you should leave at 7:30. 7:30 at the very latest!



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